What Is Depredation Hunting?

What Is Depredation Hunting?

For the hunter who’s been unsuccessful during their hunting season and officially called it quits on trying to catch their game, there’s a way to possibly be given a second chance with depredation hunting. You might have heard the term before but are still wondering what is depredation and what it means for your favorite pastime.

A depredation hunt is something that occurs when a particular species of wildlife is doing significant agricultural damage or poses threats to humans and other wildlife. The government will grant seasonal tags to a small number of hunters for the animal in what is called a depredation hunt.

The aim of this type of hunt is that the hunter is sent in with a purpose, and can help land owners and others eradicate a problem animal using their skills learned over the years of hobbyist hunting. There are depredation hunts organized for most kinds of animals including wild pigs and elk, and each state varies on how they work.

How To Get Involved In Depredation Hunting

To be involved in this unique type of hunt, you’ll need a depredation permit. There are state and federally organized depredation hunts, so it’s best to check in your local area to see which applies. Some states offer a hunting pool whereby your involvement is decided among other potentials, otherwise, land owners may be granted to bring in hunters themselves.

California Hunting Lions Legally

There are some rules involved, though, such as the stipulation that you can’t hold more than two permits in a year for the same animal. A Federal Depredation Permit is sometimes possible when hunting birds and is only needed if you’re hunting birds on the Migratory Birds Treaty Act protected list.

The best way to register your interest is head to the website of your local state agency and follow the links to for a depredation hunting pool. From there, it’s a matter of waiting until you’re contacted and able to help eradicate problem animals that can be damaging our eco system.

A Second Chance At Hunting Season

If you find that you’ve missed your luck for a successful hunting, a depredation hunt could be the second chance you’ve been looking for. Provided you are stringent with the rules and regulations of your specific state, these are an ideal way to do your part for the country while enjoying yourself in the process.

Depredation Wild Pig Hunt

These ethically sound ways of hunting come with a number of benefits to the hunter. They allow you to experience the thrill of the hunt, let you do your part for our fragile environment, and help out land owners and other animals from damage.

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