How To Waterproof Hunting Boots

How To Waterproof Hunting Boots

Choosing the right hunting boot can be a task in itself, with so many variables to consider. For every hunter, they will have their own idea of what’s important, be it comfort over style or lace up boots over slip-ons.

However, waterproof hunting boots are a must have for most types of hunters, given the versatility of the American landscape and how one can never be sure if they’ll encounter water or not. Not only does a waterproof boot keep you dry, but it can have a range of other benefits too.

Boots Full of Water

The modern hunting boot is made from naturally waterproof materials like Gore-Tex and rubber, so there’s little need to give a second thought about whether they’ll protect your feet from the wet. For others who prefer a leather hunting boot for its durability, you might need to look further to find some that are 100% waterproof.

The Benefits Of Waterproof Hunting Boots

Sometimes, the hunter needs to decide whether waterproofing is their top priority in a boot. Some shoes are made with one main feature, so you might find it hard to source a quality pair of boots that offer waterproofing as well as other important things like scent control. Here are just a few ways that the waterproof hunting boots can help:


Especially when hunting in colder climates, it’s essential to have a waterproof boot and waterproof sock liner that can keep the wet out. Even sweat can occur inside a winter hunting boot, which can lead to issues like hypothermia when the temperature drops.


When there’s no moisture inside your boot, it’ll be dry and comfortable. The dryness will also protect you from blisters which can occur when your heel rubs on a wet sock or rubber inner.

Comfrotable Hunting Boots


Wearing a moist shoe when trekking through the great outdoors can put you at risk of poor hygiene and possibly even some infections. An insulated boot will keep the moisture out and allow your foot to breathe.


A boot that has been cared for and has no moisture inside is far more likely to outlast many seasons than one that constantly returns home damp and in need of some maintenance.

A Personal Choice For The Hunter

From your head to your toes, everything you wear while hunting comes down to personal choice and what makes you most comfortable. Thankfully, most modern hunting boots are made with waterproof material or at the very least treated with something that helps it resist water, so there’s no need to sacrifice on other features just to keep your toes dry.

Water Resistant Boots

Something as simple as choosing a quality waterproof boot can make a world of difference when you’re out hunting, and anything you can do to help you focus on the hunt rather than your feet has to be worthwhile.

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