The Top Hunting Methods To Use

The Top Hunting Methods To Use

Hunting is a hobby enjoyed by thousands of Americans each year, but what many people don’t know is there’s more to it than that. Whether you want to use a range of hunting guns or travel the outdoors in specially designed hunting vehicles, there’s sure to be a style that suits.

Most hunters have a particular method or strategy they employ during hunting and are fairly committed to that style, so we’re here to show you what each of these entail.

Bow Hunting

This type of hunting is ideal for the person who wants a more primal feel to their hunt, with the use of a bow and arrow or hunting crossbow. There are a few ways that hunting with a bow is more beneficial, with the main one being how quiet it is. When you fire a bow and arrow, you’re not scaring off other animals as you might with a rifle, so you’re able to bag even more.

Bow Hunting

However, hunting with a bow and arrow is never as powerful as a bullet, so it can be harder to take down big game with just one shot. There is also quite a bit of skill involved with learning how to master the bow and all the required parts that come with it, so you should be prepared to study.


The tracking style of hunting refers to closely following your prey before simply killing it, and it can have many benefits which give you a more successful result. Most bow hunters will prefer to use the tracking method as it allows them to stay quiet, and they will have more lucky bagging several animals rather than just one when using a rifle and shooting on sight.

Tracking requires much skill, though, as there is a lot to learn about the different animals, their scents, marks, scat, and more. You should have a thorough understanding of all of this to be a successful tracker hunter otherwise it can be a long and frustrating outing.

Using Decoys

Although some are of the school of thought that using decoys is cheating, there are many hunters which prefer it due to the many advantages it has. Decoys are usually placed in front of a hide or blind where the hunter is, allowing the game to come directly to them.

Decoy Bow

When you’re hunting for meat specifically, there’s a bigger need to have an accurate shot when compared to hunting for sport, so you might use a decoy to guarantee your shot. A decoy is great when you’re just starting out hunting as it requires less skill level but still teaches you the essentials about hunting in the wild.

Night Hunts

Just as the name suggests, night hunts are those done during the dark hours, and these hunting techniques can add a certain thrill to the sport. However, you will need a whole new set of equipment in order to be a successful hunter in the dark, sometimes including night goggles, heat vision glasses, and shelter for the evening.

Hunting at night with a bow

Some hunters prefer coming out at night as there’s often a range of animals about that you don’t see during the day, and they are sometimes less expectant of intruders than they would be during sunlight hours. Although it can take extra work, you will learn to rely on your other senses in order to hone your hunting skills.

Rifle Hunting

As the most common type of hunting, rifle hunting is popular thanks to its simplicity. There’s still some skill needed in learning how to shoot your gun, however, it’s nowhere near as complex as a bow and arrow might be. Careful care needs to be taken when hunting with firearms though, and there are a lot more safety considerations to be had.

Hunting with a rifle

Rifles come in all different sizes intended to suit different types of game and are beneficial when trying to bring down large game such as bears. You need little else other than your rifle, ammunition, and a quality knife when you employ this strategy, so it’s easy enough to do for a quick hunting trip.

Blinds And Hides

Blinds and hides are camouflaged shelters that allow you to get up close and personal with wildlife without scaring them away, and using them is a popular tactic in hunting. Using hiding spots, blinds, hides, and other areas are extremely common for hunters these days as they allow you a better chance at attracting the animals towards you.

Blinds and hides for hunting

There are a few other advantages to using a blind or hide including the ability to store your equipment inside and even take a rest if you wish. However, some people believe this type of hunting to be boring if you’re impatient, as most of your time is spent sitting and waiting for the kill to come to you.

With different types of blinds and hides to suit each animal, this tactic can be executed in many ways to get you different results depending on the game you’re tracking.

A Style For Every Hunter

Hunters are often extremely loyal to their favorite type of hunting, with many enjoying the sport exactly as it was taught to them by their elders or peers. However, with a bit of experimentation and some new skills learned, there are a number of hunting techniques you could try and may find that you prefer them.

The Guide To Ethical Hunting

Provided you are hunting within legal means and being safe with your health and your firearms, there’s no limit to how many of these strategies you can employ. There’s nothing stopping the experienced hunter from choosing a few tactics and working them in together, to come up with a style that’s exactly your own so you can pass it onto future generations.

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