How To Properly Store Hunting Boots

How To Properly Store Hunting Boots

Just because hunting season is over, that doesn’t mean the hard work is done. One mistake that many hunters make is not taking enough care to properly pack away and store their hunting gear, with your hunting boots taking the biggest hit.

Because we spend so much on our hunting boots and go through a stringent process of finding the best hunting stuff, knowing how to store boots so that they’re in prime condition for next season is essential. With a little bit of care now, they’ll be ready to go for next season so you don’t even need to give them a second thought.

The Best Way To Store Boots

By far the biggest problem with the storage of hunting boots is putting them away when they’re damp or wet. The easiest thing you can do is leave them to dry in a warm space with air and remove the insoles to replace them with new ones, before moving onto the next steps.

Using Plants to Mask Scent

Secondly, check your boots for any obvious signs of damage or any spots that might need repair. If you leave a crack or split over the off season you might return to find it’s gotten even worse, so the time for this maintenance is now. Apply a waterproof conditioner if you’re using leather or rubber boots so that they don’t dry out and split over.

Finally, you’ll want to store them somewhere that scent and mildew can’t reach them like boot storage containers. Some hunters prefer to use a scent free bag, whereas others might place additions like cedar and pine needles with their boots so that they continue to smell of the woods. If you don’t want to leave them with scents over the off season, you can easily reapply some before you head out when the season starts again.

DeScenting Hunting Boots

When your boots are looking like they’re back in good condition and they’re housed in their scent free bag or sharing the space with pine needles and cedar, you can pack them away. Somewhere like a basement or dark closet is ideal as it’s cool, dry, and far away from extreme temperature fluctuations and sunlight.

Preparation Is Key

We rely on our boots to see us through the entire season and protect us from the rugged terrains and harsh temperatures we trek into, so we need to put in the time and attention needed to store them for another season’s use.

Just a little bit of preparation when the hunting season is over, and you’ll be rewarded with boots that are just as good as the day you bought them when it’s time to head out again.


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