Muck Boot Women’s Hunting Boots Review

Muck Boot Women’s Hunting Boots Review

Any woman who has tried to find a decent hunting boot before will know just how hard the task can be. You might find one that’s comfortable but it offers little in the way of durability, or it’s made with toughness but hurts your feet. What the modern woman needs is a mix of both, but that can be hard to find.

When you’re shopping around for a hunting boot, it’s best not to skimp on the price, as generally, a cheaper boot will mean poorer quality. Laying out the initial investment can hurt a bit, but when you purchase a brand that you know will last for many years to come and many hunting seasons you can usually justify it.

The Original MuckBoots Women's Woody Max Outdoor Boot


Muck Boot has combined all of the above features to bring a women’s hunting boot like no other. These boots are reasonably priced when compared to other premium brands, but offer the right mix of comfort and durability to get you through many seasons of hunting.

This famous brand always succeeds in making a boot that the public adores, and they’ve designed their women’s Muck Boot to be exactly that. These boots are comfortable around your feet and calves, as well as giving great stability and support in your back.

If you’ve been searching for a quality boot that’s made precisely for a woman, the Muck Boot is one of the leaders in the field.

About The Product

Since 1999, Muck Boot has been creating innovative and quality footwear for men and women across the world.

MuckBoots Women's Woody Max Outdoor Boot


This American company specializes in authentic, rugged, and reliable boots which is why their Women's Muck Boot is nothing short of extraordinary.

These boots look great and feel great, and can help you be a better hunter, which is exactly what women deserve from their footwear.

For any woman who’s tried to find the perfect hunting boot before and kept coming up short, the answer is finally here with the Muck Boot.

This brand specializes in men’s, women’s, and kids boots which means they know exactly what every group needs for a comfortable fit, and that’s what they offer with this boot.

Features Of The Muck Boots Woman's Hunting Boots

When you make the choice to invest in a quality pair of Muck Boots, there are so many features that just can’t be found elsewhere. These boots has been specifically designed for a woman, with everything from the camo print to the innovative features proving this.

  • Mossy oak break up camo design
  • Additional Achilles overlay for long hunting sessions
  • 100% waterproof upper
  • To suit temperatures from -40F to 60F
  • High abrasion outsole to give you strong footing in all terrains

This is one of the most comfortable hunting boots on the market and also one of the most reliable. The Woody Max Outdoor Boot from Muck Boot is an investment that will last for years and has everything the female hunter needs to be supported and agile in the great outdoors.

With the trusted Muck Boot name behind them, you can be sure you’re getting some just as quality and high performance as the rest of their range, but with a special woman’s touch to them.

The Good And The Bad Of The Muck Boot

There’s a good reason why the Muck Boot is still one of the most loved hunting boots in this country, and that’s the mix of comfort with reliability.

MuckBoots Women's Woody Max Outdoor Boot

Nowhere else will you find a shoe so comfortable that can also withstand harsh temperatures and terrain found while hunting quite like the Muck Boot, so many find they’re well worth spending a little more.

One slight problem with the women’s range of Muck Boots is that there are no half sizes present. While this might not be an issue for some, those who normally fall in mid-range for shoe sizes will find they need extra thick socks just to keep them firmly on.

For a woman who regularly hunts in mud or terrain where a firm grip is needed, you might need to look elsewhere for a better fit.

Our Buying Advice

Whether you’ve been a fan of Muck Boots for many years and need an upgrade or just want to try out a quality brand for your next hunting boot, you can get yourself a pair for a discounted price on Amazon. Right now, when you purchase a pair of the Woody Max boots by Muck Boot, you’ll pay only between $100 and $200 for your size.

Muck Boot offers a 30-day return on their boots, so if you find that they’re not an ideal fit or you just don’t like how they feel you’re able to get a full refund with your receipt. According to the reviews on Amazon, less than 80% of women thought they were an ideal fit so it can be risky to purchase these without being completely sure of your size.

When you purchase these boots on Amazon, they’ll have them shipped to your home free of charge and they should arrive in a week or so.

However, Amazon Prime members will be treated to free express shipping which means in just two days they’ll be wearing their Muck Boots and heading out for a hunt in style and comfort.

Final Verdict

There’s no doubt that the Woody Max by Muck Boot is one of the best styles currently available for women’s hunting boot, and they’re a shoe not to be missed.

If you’ve been searching for a quality hunting boot made specifically to meet our comfort and shape requirements as women, you won’t be disappointed with the Muck Boot.

MuckBoots Women's Woody Max Outdoor Boot


Not only are these shoes comfortable and durable, they also look great too, and can take you from morning to night with their unique camo design. To get yourself a pair of Woody Max hunting boots from Muck Boot, click here to purchase and have them shipped straight to your door.

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