How To Lace Hunting Boots

How To Lace Hunting Boots

You’ve spent the time and money getting yourself the ideal pair of comfortable hunting boots, but your quest for a good shoe shouldn’t stop there. One of the easiest ways to ruin a perfectly good pair of boots and cause yourself discomfort when you’re out hunting is to tie them improperly.

Understanding how to tie your lace tight so that the shoe is supportive and comfortable is a key skill that every hunter should know, not only for before you leave the house but for those hunting trips where camping out is a necessity. With a few simple tips and tricks, you’ll soon be a pro at getting your hunting boots tight and comfortable so that you can get on with your favorite pastime.

Comfortable Hunting Boots

How To Lace Your Hunting Boots

Most hunting boots are just like hiking boots, and they’ve been designed for tough terrains and to provide the wearer with a stable but supportive footing. For that reason, you can use the techniques of hikers to get yourself the perfectly laced boot every time and to keep your heel from slipping. This will give you lace to tie hunting boots that keep your foot firm and snug.

  • Snug the boot over the top of your toes by pulling the laces tight;
  • Find the two hooks closest to the point where the top of your foot flexes forward as this is where you’ll be a tying a knot;
  • Wrap the laces twice around each other by pulling them tight and then run the lace up to the next hook so that you secure the lace’s tension;
  • Go to the next highest set of hooks and repeat the third step;
  • For the rest of the hooks, finish lacing your boots the standard way and then tie as you would usually to complete it.

There are a number of different methods for lacing hunting boots, but before you can decide which is suitable you need to have a comfortable pair of shoes first. Once you have them fitted perfectly, you ‘ll be able to adjust the way you tie your shoes for all conditions.

Tips and Tricks for Lacing Hunting Boots

Even with the best hunting boots on your feet, there’s still the potential to feel a bit of discomfort if they’re not tied correctly. Here are a few tricks you can use to get the absolute most out of your newest pair of boots.

Wear A Sock Liner

To get a comfortable fit when you lace your boots, you should always wear a sock liner under your socks, regardless of the weather. This can help your boot fit even closer and will wick moisture away so there’s less chance of blisters, too.

Wear A Sock Liner

Keep A Pair Of Laces Handy

It’s not something you’d think to pack, but a pair of broken laces is the quickest way to end a hunting trip prematurely. Pack a pair of laces with your gear and practice how to tie them correctly so you’re not caught out.

Treat Your Boots Regularly

If you’re hoping to keep a pair of boots for many hunting seasons and keep them flexible enough to tie them correctly, you’ll need to clean and treat them after each of your outings.

When you take the steps necessary to lace your hunting boots like a professional, you’ll notice an instant improvement in your comfort levels, stability, and stealth. With a correctly fitted hunting boot, there are a number of ways you can benefit.

The Benefits Of A Quality Tied Hunting Boot

Although you might not realize it at first, when you have a comfortable and fitted hunting boot with professionally tied laces, there are some amazing benefits that can make you a better hunter overall.


Not only is it essential to choose the best fitting hunting boot and one that is in your exact size, but so too is it to lace them correctly for comfort. Even with a quality boot, the comfort just won’t be there without lacing your hunting boots the right way.

Hunting Boots Laced

This can depend on where the shoe might need some assistance, for example, the toe is narrow or the heel slips, and the right lacing technique can fix all of these.

No Blisters

There’s nothing worse than developing a blister half way through the day and having to put up with the agony for the rest of the day. When your boots are tied snugly to prevent your heel slipping out, you’ll be guaranteed free from blisters so you can focus on the hunt.


If you’ve ever tried to stay silent during a hunt for fear of scaring off your animal, you’ll know just how noisy a boot can be. Having your boots tied up tightly can prevent from this squeaking sound which can potentially cost you your shot.

An Essential Part Of Hunting

When people think about hunting, they often get so caught up in the sport itself and forget just how important it is to be prepared and comfortable when heading out. As you’re trekking in the wilderness and sometimes for days on end, something as simple as knowing how to tie your hunting boots correctly can make the world of difference in terms of your comfort.

A good hunter understands that preparation takes time, and even something that seems as minute as tying your shoes correctly can make a world of difference to how you perform on the field. With our tips and tricks in mind, you’ll be able to tie an expert hunting boot and ensure you give yourself the best chance for a successful hunt.



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