The Hunting Sock System

The Hunting Sock System

If you’re looking for an easy way to ruin your hunting trip, don’t pay any attention to your feet. Your socks and shoes are perhaps the most important piece of equipment you can prepare for a trip to the great outdoors, so you need to have a system in place.

A sock system is the easiest way to do this so you can ensure you’re comfortable, dry, protected, and suited to the weather, no matter what it might be. With so much focus on the other aspects of hunting, many of us forget how important it is to be equipped with the right stuff for ourselves so that we can be performing at our peak, so choosing the best sock for hot weather and cold is crucial.

Hot Weather Sock System

If you’re hunting in the warmer seasons, you can pretty much guarantee it’s going to be hot. A hot weather sock system should always start with boot sock liners which prevent chafing, and these socks are usually made from some sort of moisture wicking material like Thermax.

Socks for Hot Weather

Secondly, use a thick sock on top of your liner for comfort, and this should be made from a synthetic material so that it also wicks away moisture. Lamb’s wool, nylon, and acrylic are popular choices with a focus on a padded foot bed.

Cold Weather Sock System

Start with a pair of under socks that can store your body heat and keep moisture away if you’re heading out in colder temps. This is because even though it might be freezing, your feet can still sweat, and this will cause huge problems in the cold.

Cold Weather Socks

Many people make the mistake of choosing the best sock for cold weather means one that’s heavy duty when really the most important thing is to ensure your boot has been made for the cold weather too. Your over sock should still be thick and come up over your calf, and wool blends are a great option.

Wet Weather Sock System

When it’s going to be wet or snowing, you want to first determine what the temperature will be. For hot and humid wet conditions you’ll need the right under sock and a sock to help keep feet cool, topped off with a Gore-Tex over sock. When it’s cold and snowing, using a moisture wicking under sock made from Gore-Tex and then cover with another thicker sock for warmth.

Gore Tex Socks

A Simple Accessory With Huge Results

No matter which of these sock systems you choose, always be sure that your boot has adequate space to house them. With too many layers on a boot that’s already a comfortable fit, you run the risk of losing circulation and causing more discomfort than before. A little bit of preparation and testing our your sock system will have the best results, and prime you for the best and most comfortable hunt of your life.

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