Hunting Boots Width Guide

Hunting Boots Width Guide

Hunting boots are one of the most essential parts of hunting gear you can own, but there’s more to it than just finding a style you like and hoping for the best. The width of a hunting boot can have a huge impact on how well it fits, and since we all have different sizes and shapes of feet you need to ensure you’re shopping for your foot.

What Do The Markings Mean?

If you’ve looked at hunting boots before, you’ve probably noticed some letters and markings in regards to the width. In terms of shoes, these are sorted by their size with the width being relative to the length of the shoe. However, this doesn’t always work as some of us have narrow feet and others wide. These are the common markings you’ll find in boot width sizes and what they mean:

Wide Feet For Hunting Boots
  • C or N – this means a narrow shoe
  • D or M – a medium fit for width
  • E or W – these are best for wide feet

You’ll already know from your other regular shoes whether you feel they’re an ideal fit or if you have a smaller or larger width, but there is a way to know for sure so you can get custom fit hunting boots.

How To Find Your Shoe Width

There’s a simple way to find your shoe width to see if your ideal boots are a fit. It’s always best when measuring feet for boots to also check the specification of your boots to see if the measurements match, as every brand has different ideas on what constitutes a wide shoe.

  • Place your foot on a firm, flat surface such as concrete without any socks on.
  • Use a brick touching your heel and another touching your toe to get the length and mark this with a pencil, and then do this again on the sides for the width.
  • Note down your measurements and refer to these when choosing boots, with consideration taken that both feet might not match up in dimensions.
How to mesuring width

Once you have your measurements, you’re ready to shop. For this with one foot bigger, it can be tough to know whether you should buy boots one size bigger, but this will depend on the sock you’re planning on wearing them with too.

The Importance Of A Comfortable Hunting Boot

Whether you need large size hunting boots or something with a narrower fit, you have to be sure you’ve taken the time to measure your feet. When you don’t have a comfortable boot on your foot, you’re setting yourself up for a number of problems once you step foot into the hunting woods.

A little bit of research and preparation now can make the world of difference for the hunter, so it pays to take your time and do it right.



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