How To Dry Hunting Boots

How To Dry Hunting Boots

Nothing can ruin a hunting trip quicker than a pair of wet hunting boots, and if you find yourself in this sticky situation you don’t exactly have time on your side to hang them up and let them dry on their own. The hunter needs to think on his toes and use some renowned hunting trips for knowing how to dry boots fast so he can get on with the fun.

When you have a wet boot or even a pair that are just a little damp, there are a number of problems that can arise. For this reason, being prepared with some know-how about keeping your boots dry will go a long way, and will also help to prolong the life of your favorite pair of shoes.

Huting Boots Walking In Wet Ground

Before heading out to the hunting woods, though, it’s essential to choose a pair of specially made hunting boots that have been designed for this exact reason. Most modern variations of hunting boots are made with waterproof materials or at least have options available for waterproofing them on your own.

This one simple step can have a huge impact on how well they handle the wet in the outdoors, so it’s essential for having a dry and comfortable boot.

Tips And Tricks For Drying Hunting Boots

Just like anything to do with hunting, there are plenty of tips and tricks that have been passed down from hunters before you that can help you hunt wisely. Here are a few ideas for keeping comfortable and learning how to dry your hunting boots in all situations.

  • When you have time on your side and are camping overnight, you can stuff some newspaper inside your boots to help soak up the moisture within;
  • As soon as you take your boots off, check for holes and tears. While you might think the water came in through the top, it’s actually common for very small splits to appear that let the moisture in, so you’ll need to fix these to get the source of the problem first;
  • Invest in a boot dryer to keep at home, so on the hunting trips where you don’t venture too far you can simply use your specialized dryer for a fast and easy approach;
  • The best way to waterproof leather boots is a specialized spray, which should be applied the night before leaving on a hunt. This will give you protection against moisture, even if the boots claim to be fully waterproof.

How To Dry Wet Boots Fast

When you’re out in the hunting woods and you’ve managed to get your boots wet, you’ll need to dry them as quickly as possible. Here’s a method you can try that works on some styles of boots and means you can be on your way quickly.

  • Use a branch wedged between two rocks or trees about a foot or two above the ground and ensure it can hold the weight of your wet boots.
  • Reverse tie your laces so that your boots are hanging upside down over the brand with the opening pointing towards the ground.
  • Use a portable gas stove and place it directly under the boots and allow the heat to rise up into the boot.
  • Keep the fire lit for around an hour or until the boots are dry, checking periodically to be sure they aren’t melting or getting too hot.
  • This won’t work with all materials, so you’ll need to be sure that your boots can withstand heat. If needed, you can move the boots up higher so that they’re further away from the gas stove and still getting enough heat to remove the moisture.

The Dangers Of Wet Boots

Besides the obvious downfall of being extremely comfortable, there are actually more serious consequences that come from wearing wet boots when you’re in the great outdoors. The most significant is that a wet boot can be dangerous in lower temperatures or as the degrees drop, and will make the hunter more prone to serious conditions like frostbite.

One of the key tips for treating frostbite is actually to change the boot, as this area of your body can have a serious effect on your overall temperature.

Frostbite on Foot Minor

Secondly, a wet boot can be dangerous in terms of your footing and stability. When your foot is sliding inside the shoe, you’re more likely to fall or slip, making these a serious hazard. Not only is it dangerous for your physical safety, but you’re more likely to lose your stealth factor and scare off any animals you were hunting due to your unsteady foot.

Finally, a wet boot is a danger to itself and if left damp and moist it likely won’t last another season. Considering how much of an investment a quality hunting boot is when you find one that you like then you need to take the utmost care of them. This means keeping them dry while you're hunting and during the off seasons too.

Being Prepared For All Situations

Although it might not be the most thrilling part of the sport, a good hunter understands how preparation and care of their hunting gear are just as important as the rest of it. We rely on our hunting boots to take us through the woods, protect us from weather and tough terrain, and give us a comfortable and steady footing on our adventures, so it’s only right to take care of them.

Wet Hunting Boots

Having a wet hunting boot is not only uncomfortable, but it can cause a range of other problems for the hunter too. Having these few little tips and tricks up your sleeve the next time you head into the hunting woods means you’ll be adequately prepared to treat your boots, and help others in your hunting party so that you can pass down this priceless knowledge on the best way to dry shoes for future generations.

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