Danner Pronghorn Hunting Boot Review

Danner Pronghorn Hunting Boot Review

When you’re planning a hunting trip, there’s one thing that you just can’t be without, and that’s a quality pair of hunting boots. You might have all of the other bits and pieces ready, with the finest equipment known to man, but if you get out and an hour into your day to find your feet are sore and uncomfortable, the whole trip is basically ruined already.

Danner Men's Pronghorn Realtree Xtra 1200G

Finding the ideal hunting boot is a challenge in itself though, as every hunter looks for something special to bring them comfort, stealth, and protection in the great outdoors. ,

With so many different brands and styles available, it can be confusing just trying to separate the good quality boots from the bad.

What the modern hunter needs is a boot that has been crafted on an all time classic and one designed with the input of hunters from times gone by to today.

A simple boot built with rugged masculinity, steady traction, and absolute comfort so that you can forget completely about the shoes you’re wearing and just get lost in the adventure.

The Danner Pronghorn Hunting Boot is now in its fourth generation remake, with every innovative release offering something even better than the last. Keeping with the favorite features that made this boot one of the greatest hunting boots of all time, Danner has continued to impress with the Pronghorn but improved it even more.

About The Product

As America’s most trusted name in boots for law enforcement, military, hunting, and work, Danner has always been at the forefront of creating the most comfortable and durable footwear.

The Danner Pronghorn men’s hunting boot is by far one of their most popular styles, and this version is now their fourth edition of the famous boot.

Danner Men's Pronghorn Realtree Xtra 1200G Hunting Boot

This boot has been made with input from their customers and experienced hunters, so you know that it’s been perfectly designed to suit the needs of the hunter. With a strong focus on lightweight comfort without losing anything on their durability and toughness, the Danner Pronghorn is the quintessential hunting boot for new and experienced hunters alike.

Notable Features Of The Danner Pronghorn Boots

Investing a pair of Danner hunting boots is a purchase that will certainly pay off, and when you choose the Danner Pronghorn boots for your next outdoor adventure, you’ll benefit from such features as:

  • GORE-TEX waterproof construction to keep you dry;
  • 1200g insulation for breathability;
  • Dual texture boot with a mix of leather and camo for a true hunting look;
  • Notched shaft with speed lacing eyelets for easy wear;
  • All leather toe and heel cap;

These boots tick all of the boxes for a quality hunting boot and without trying to put too many useless features into the design. For a simple and reliable hunting boot, the Danner Pronghorn Men’s Hunting Boot is a great choice for hunters of all types.

Pros And Cons Of The Pronghorn Men’s Hunting Boot

Now in its fourth edition, there are a few things that Danner changed to make these boots even better than ever. One of the best features and upgrades was their widening of the toe area so that now they suit even more sizes and shapes of feet. With a wider platform, it’s a more comfortable fit for all wearers, so this was definitely an area of change that worked for the better.

Hunting Boot.

Some of the online reviews have mentioned these boots can be a little bulky while you’re getting used to them, however, after a few outings, you’ll hopefully find it easier to move. Although they might seem bulky in their design, they’re actually extremely lightweight so it’s simply a matter of getting used to the design.

Anyone looking for a well-insulated boot that suits even the coldest conditions will be in for a treat with the Danner Pronghorn. These boots feature 1200g of insulation which makes them perfect for winter through to summer, giving you breathability when you need it and warmth and protection for the rest of the seasons.

Our Buying Advice

When it’s time to ditch your old hunting boots and invest in something comfortable and durable, you’ll be looking for the best deal on the Danner Pronghorn Boots. Amazon has a great price on these shoes currently, ranging from $175 - $275 roughly depending on the size of boot you wear.

If you want to ditch the stores completely and shop online, Amazon will also offer you free shipping on these boots so it’s even greater value for money. Amazon Prime members will benefit even further from free express shipping which means their Danner Pronghorn boots will arrive within two days and just in time for a weekend hunting session.

With such high quality and durability, you might even consider purchasing a second pair for backup. As boot brands are known for changing the style and features of their shoes regularly, sometimes it’s best to have a couple of your favorites on hand for many years down the line when they finally start showing some wear.

Otherwise, they make a great gift for the hunter in your life, if you’re looking for the perfect present.

Final Verdict

It goes without saying that the Danner Pronghorn is one of the most famous hunting boots in the world, and this well-loved brand has proven exactly why that is with these shoes. Now in their fourth generation, Danner has only improved the make of these boots so they’re some of the most comfortable and durable of any on the market today.

1200G Hunting Boot

If you want to ditch the old and tired hunting boots and invest in something affordable that will last for years to come, it has to be the Danner Pronghorn. Click here to purchase a pair for yourself, and treat your feet to absolute comfort on your next outdoor adventure.

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