Finding The Best Hunting Boots

Finding The Best Hunting Boots

As one of the most important investments a hunter will make, choosing the best hunting boot is a big deal. Not only can these handy items be some of the more costly pieces of equipment you’ll make in regards to your favorite hobby, but they will literally take you from point A to point B when you’re out in the wilderness, so you need to be sure you can rely on them.

There are so many different varieties of hunting boot out there, and it all depends on you as a hunter and types of terrain and conditions you enjoy. If you prefer to hunt in colder climates, you’ll want the warmest hunting boots you can find, and if you spend countless hours and days on hunting trips you’ll want some lightweight hunting boots to make each step all that easier.

Another point to consider when buying your boots is who will be wearing them, as men’s and women’s hunting boots are designed somewhat differently. Overall, though, the most important thing is choosing a boot that is durable, comfortable and one you can rely on whether you’re out hunting for hours or weeks.

LaCrosse Men’s AeroHead 18” 3.5mm Hunting Boot

When you make the choice to upgrade your hunting boots, it can be overwhelming at first to see just how many styles, brands, and specifications there are to consider, which is why we’ve compiled them all in this buying guide.

You’ll have access to the top features you need to look out for and recommendations from all the best brands about which might suit your hunting lifestyle best, so all you need to do is choose one that’s right for you and get one with your passion.

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Why Choosing The Right Hunting Boot Is Essential

Although people sometimes overlook the importance of the hunting boot, those who are in the know understand it’s one of the most important pieces of equipment you’ll ever own. For this reason, hunting boots are usually priced quite expensive in comparison to your other gear, but that’s because the right boot has so many benefits to the hunter.

Hunting Boots the Accessory To Have


There’s nothing worse than getting an hour into your hunting trip to find blisters and squashed toes, and it can throw you off completely. A good hunting boot should be comfortable all day long, and reduce your fatigue in the outdoors.


All good hunting boots should have some level of waterproofing, but the best waterproof hunting boots will protect you 100%. Waterproof boots mean you can trek through water and in wet weather without ever feeling a thing inside your shoe.


With thick rubber layers, these boots can protect you from insects, animals, rocks, gravel, thorns, and just about anything the wilderness throws at you so that you remain free from injury and illness.


Some hunting boots come with insulation so if you’re outdoors in the colder weather they can prevent you from freezing or developing frostbite. With warm feet, the rest of your body will stay warm as well, making them even more helpful than you might think.


A hunter needs to remain agile at all times and ready to pounce in an instant, and the right pair of hunting boots can improve your strength and stealth tenfold. These boots are made with flexible materials that mold to your foot so you’ll feel as though you’re wearing nothing at all.


When you’re scaling slippery hills and rocky slopes your hunting boot is the one thing that will save you and help you keep a good grip. The right hunting boot will not only connect the sole to the ground but will hold your foot firmly inside so that you have double the traction and stability.


The best hunters are those that remain undetected, and that’s exactly what the right hunting boot can do for you. These have been carefully designed with camouflage patterns and no scent which makes you very hard to find in the wilderness.

Lacrosse Aerohead Hunting Boot Review

After seeing just how much you can benefit from a simple pair of boots, you’ll understand why it’s so important to take your time choosing the right pair. With so many features and specifications to consider, it’s not a decision that should be made lightly.

Features To Consider When Buying Hunting Boots

Just as every hunter is different, so too are the features of a hunting boot that they’ll likely find more important. These are just a few things to look out for when shopping around for your new boots, so you’ll need to know what ranks most important to you when compared to the other features.


The insulation of a boot is measured in grams of insulation usually, with the more grams of insulation the warmer a boot will be. If you hunt in particularly cold weather, this will be of importance, however, if you’re shopping for the warmer seasons it probably doesn’t matter as much.

Fit And comfort

Most modern hunting boots come with additional layers to the insole which give it a comfortable fit. For anyone with specific foot types, arches, or other needs, you can usually find a sole made from memory foam or another material that allows your foot to mold perfectly to the boot.

Fitting Hunting Boots


Even if your boot isn’t insulated, it will need to have adequate ventilation. This ventilation is essential for giving your feet some breathability, keeping moisture out, and helping them to dry quickly if they become wet. A damp or moist boot is the quickest way to get blisters, and one of these can ruin your trip altogether.


Depending on what types of areas you’ll be hunting in, you need a boot with durable materials. Look for anything containing rubber, neoprene, or any other strong material to ensure they’re durable.


Some boots have been designed for certain types of terrain such as fields, water, or hills. If you regularly hunt in the same region you’ll know which is best, otherwise look for a general boot that covers many types of terrain.

The Original MuckBoots Women's Woody Max Outdoor Boot



Most boots come in plain colors or with camouflage designs, intended to keep you hidden from your prey. The main choices are either slip on boots which can be pulled on like galoshes or a tie up laced boot that gives you a tighter fit. Hunting boots usually begin from mid-calf and can reach all the way up to your knee.

Type Of Hunting

If you’re a hunter who prefers one particular game, you can opt for a shoe designed specifically for that. As an example, upland hunting boots have far different specifications and requirements than those used for hunting elk, for example, so you should have this in mind before you shop around.

Generally, you’ll find that most hunting boots either fall into a specific category depending on the game you hunt or weather conditions, or they offer just a general all round boot designed to do well in most conditions. If you really aren’t set on a specific type, the general boot is a good idea to cover you for most settings.

Top Tips For Choosing The Right Hunting Boot

Before you can dive into shopping around for your new boots, there are some tips to keep in mind that can help you choose the best design for your feet and hunting style.

Choose Boots With Achilles Flex

Compared to tough and rigid boots of the olden days, many newer styles have an Achilles flex built in. this means you’re able to get flexibility while walking on steep terrain and move your foot around with ease, even with a heavy duty boot encasing it.

UA Speed Freek Bozeman


Be Careful With The Collar

Blisters aren’t just an issue on your heels, and many people neglect to look at the collar when choosing their boots. Choose a style that has a high and soft collar or adjustable gussets so it won’t rub and irritate, which can also cause blisters.

Mountain Hunting Boots Are Different

The best mountain hunting boots should have a hard sole and sharp lugs which can help you connect to the rough terrain. Toe and heel traction is important too so that you don’t lose your footing when you’re hunting big game on the mountain.

One Boot Won’t Do It All

One mistake hunters commonly make is thinking their one boot will last them all year when in reality you need to invest in a winter boot and a summer boot. With one of each, you’re better equipped to be comfortable and agile in all seasons.

Hunting boots in snow.

Once you’ve taken into consideration the features and benefits you require from a boot, it helps to weed out some of the inferior brands. We’ve reviewed the top selling hunting shoes to find you the best-insulated boots, best rubber hunting boots, and the best cold weather hunting boots, so there’s something to please every hunter.

Just as there are many different types of hunter, so too are there many different types of hunting boots. With so many top brands to choose from and different types and styles to consider, it helps to have the quality separated from the rest. We’ve narrowed down the best ranking hunting boots in each category and brand to help make your search a little easier.

Best Under Amour Hunting Boots

Under Armor began over 20 years ago as a simple apparel and footwear brand and is now considered one of the top manufacturers of hunting boots. The range of Under Armor hunting boots has been made for the American landscape and offer reliability and durability, making them a top contender for the best boot around.

Winner: Under Armor H.A.W Hunting Boot

When you’re looking for a hunting boot that can offer complete coverage, you can’t go past the Under Armor H.A.W Hunting Boot. This boot has a 16” height which can keep your feet warm and dry even in the wettest of conditions, and they pull on easily with a heavy duty webbing strap.

They’re built with an Ortholite insole which gives you added arch support, which makes them comfortable for feet of all shapes and sizes. These boots are ideal for those who hunt in wet conditions, whether you’re trekking through water and mud or just like to get outdoors in all kinds of weather.

Men's Under Armour Waterproof Rubber


Our Rating

They’re completely waterproof so there’s no need to worry about getting wet thanks to the neoprene rubber uppers, but they won’t weigh you down like you find with some traditional style galoshes.

If you’re hunting in winter and want some more protection from the cold, you might need a little more insulation than these can offer.

However, there is the option to wear them with a thick sock so you can purchase one size up if you think this might suit your weather conditions best.

Otherwise, the H.A.W hunting boot for men can trek through mud, rocks, water, dirt, and grass without a bother and they’re some of the most durable around. Although these boots have been built tough, there’s no need to sacrifice on comfort because of it.

Two of the best features of the H.A.W Hunting Boot come from within thanks to the EVA cushioned midsole that make you feel as though you’re walking on a cloud, and the memory foam internal heel lock.

Both of these work together to give the boot a solid grip on your food and a comfortable feeling every step of the way, making them the top pick for best men’s rubber hunting boot.

Runner Up: Under Armor Speed Freek Hunting Boot

If you’re a hunter who likes it best when they’re on the move, the Under Armour Speed Freek hunting boot will be right up your alley. This versatile boot looks and feels just like a hiking boot, but it comes with so many more features that are ideal for the modern hunter.

Whether it’s the scent control technology that keeps you hidden from your prey or waterproof and breathable liner that keeps you dry in all hunting conditions, this boot has been designed to keep you at the top of your game. Under Armour is known for creating a variety of hunting boots for specific needs, and these boots are ideal for the active hunter.

UA Speed Freek Bozeman


Our Rating

They don’t feature a full leg like other boots but they’re more like a hiking shoe with a huge focus on comfort and supporting you over a long day on your feet. If you’ve been looking for a boot with more support, this could be just what you were searching for.

The midsole on the Under Armour Speed Freek boots is lined with ultralight molded EVA which cushions your feet and absorbs the shock. This means when you’re trekking on tough terrain and hunting your prey, your feet will be comfortable and supported every step of the way.

In terms of design, there’s only one small flaw that reviewers commented on and that was the thin laces. The ones that come with the Speed Freek aren’t thick or durable enough to last many seasons, and because the eyelet of the shoe is so small you aren’t able to change them.

However, this one flaw aside there really isn’t much else to fault with these sturdy boots from Under Armour.

Best Danner Hunting Boots

As another trusted name in hunting boots, Danner never ceases to amaze with their range of reliable outdoors shoes. This company makes boots for law enforcement, military, hunting, hiking, and work, so you know that they can craft a superior shoe to meet every situation.

Winner: Danner Men’s Sierra Hunting Boot

When you like to get out into the wilderness and the tough conditions, you need a boot that you can rely on. The Danner Sierra hunting boot is just this shoe, made from a mixture of full grain waterproof leather and 1000 denier Cordura to protect your boot and you from abrasions, scratches, and scuffs.

Not only are the Danner Sierra boots protective, but they look the part too, and will make you feel as though you were the burliest hunter that ever lived. Available in a dark brown design and with Danner’s beloved stitch down construction, these are some of the toughest looking and most protective boots you’ll ever find.

Danner Men's Sierra Hunting Boot


Our Rating

You might need to spend a little on upkeep with these boots, like using a Danner boot wax on them, but this small effort is worth a lot in the end.

They’re waterproof and basically resistant to all types of scuffs and abrasions, so they’ll look and feel brand new for many years even with constant use.

The best thing about these boots and all others by Danner is just how long they’ll last you, so with one investment, you’ll get years of use out of them.

Although the cost of a Danner hunting boot is quite a bit more than comparable brands, they’re an investment that you won’t regret when you see how comfortable and durable they are.

Although these boots are marketed for all terrain, they work best in the grass and fields, so if this sounds like where you enjoy hunting most then they’re the shoe for you.

Provided you’re patient with these boots and can give them a few weeks to break in properly, you’ll be rewarded with a comfortable, supportive, and reliable boot that will see you through many seasons in style.

Runner Up: Danner Men’s Pronghorn Hunting Boot

A close second to the Sierra hunting boot from Danner is their Pronghorn Realtree style, coming in two different patterns to meet every taste. These boots are a dual texture design which gives you the camo and leather look so you can look the part as you hunt; all the while knowing you’re protected with the finest of materials.

These boots have an all leather toe cap and heel for extra protection and Danner has opened the width of the toe box to fit more wearers. 

These are some of the best Gore-Tex hunting boots available, with the waterproof and windproof qualities that this material is known for.

The Pronghorn GTX boots have been recreated and remodeled with feedback and input from hunters from generations back, so you know that every boot this company makes will be perfectly equipped to handle everything the wilderness throws at it.

One small problem with the Danner Pronghorn Boots is that they can be a little bulky, so depending on which way you look at it this could be a pro or a con.

Danner Men's Pronghorn Realtree Xtra 1200G Hunting Boot

Our Rating

You’ll be pleased to have this extra bulk if you’re in extra cold weather because it’ll give you an extra layer of warmth, but if you’re planning on being fast and active during a hunt you might want to opt for a boot better designed for this movement.

The Ortholite footbed and triple layer cushioning on the foot makes these some of the most comfortable boots around. If you spend days or weeks out on a trip and like to feel just as comfortable by the end of the day as you did at the start, you’ve found the right boot.

For a decent boot that’s best for slow moving hunters or those who spend their seasons on long hunts, the Pronghorn GTX Hunting Boot by Danner is a top choice.

Best Irish Setter Hunting Boots

If you’re looking for a brand that makes their hunting boots for a specific occasion, Irish Setter is the top choice for you. These boots are for more than just the general hunter, with each pair being painstakingly designed to suit different conditions, prey, and weather.

Winner: Irish Setter Elk Tracker Boot

To get yourself a heavy duty boot that won’t give up no matter the terrain, you can’t go past the Irish Setter Elk Tracker. These intense boots have been built tough and are ideal for hunting elk, but that doesn’t mean they can stand up to the test in all other conditions and during any hunting season you throw at them.

Irish Setter Men's 860 Elk Tracker Waterproof 1000 Gram Boot


The Irish Setter Elk Tracker Boot has a Gore-Tex lining which makes them breathable and waterproof so your feet stay warm and dry no matter where you are.

The moisture is quickly wicked away for day long comfort which means there’s no chance you’ll get irritated or abrasions underneath your socks.

These boots feature 1000g of insulation so if you’ve been searching for a boot that can withstand the cold temperatures without letting you feel a thing, you won’t be disappointed with the Irish Setter Elk Tracker Boot.

Packed with other features that make the hunter happy, like it’s scent ban technology and a rubber outer sole that keeps you stable and sturdy on your feet, you’ll never need another pair of hunting boots again.

These boots might be marketed to the elk hunter but they’re far more versatile than that, and just one session with them on your feet you’ll see why. They’re comfortable, durable, and full of handy features to make your outing more enjoyable, all wrapped up in the quality Irish Setter name.

Runner Up: Irish Setter Wing Tracker Boot

For a different type of hunter and all new features, you don’t want to pass up the Irish Setter Wing Shooter Boot. These Irish Setter hunting boots have been specifically designed for those who prefer upland hunting, with every little feature considered to make them the perfect fit for your next hunting adventure.

These boots sit up to your ankle so you’re able to be light on your feet, unlike traditional taller boots which can be somewhat restrictive. Because bird hunting can be fairly active, the Irish Setter Wing Tracker boot has ticked all of the boxes you need to stay agile such as an EVA midsole, speed lacing system, and steel support shank which gives you stability.

Irish Setter Men's 838 Wingshooter WP Upland Hunting Boot- 7


Our Rating

The Irish Setter Wing Tracker boot has been built for moist conditions with Ultra Dry construction that wicks away moisture while you wear them. Whether you’re hunting in the field or the water, you can feel confident that your boot will take care of it and you’ll be about to stay comfortable in any conditions you hunt in.

If you’re looking for an insulated boot, these aren’t for you, and because there are none of these features you might even find it doesn’t have enough breathability. Depending on the climate you live in this may be important to you, particularly for those in hot and humid climates. However, if you’re in the cold then you’ll find this a major plus.

The Wing Tracker boot is extremely comfortable and compared to other boots there’s barely any break in period, making them some of the best upland hunting boots around. Wear them around for a day or so before you head out on a hunt to give them some flexibility, and then you’ll be able to enjoy the durability and agility they bring for many seasons to come.

Best LaCrosse Hunting Boots

LaCrosse is one of the oldest and most trusted names in hunting boots with over a century behind them. This brand specializes in making quality boots not just for hunting, but for work and play too. With different ranges and models to suit all types of hunters, these are some of the best LaCrosse hunting boots to suit every one of your needs.

Winner: LaCrosse Men’s Alphaburly Pro

As their most famous shoe, the LaCrosse Alphaburly Pro has sold countless numbers over the years thanks to its ingenious design. This is one of the most loved hunting boots in the world known for its incredible style and looks, and rugged durability and comfort.

With 1600g of insulation, you can feel confident that your feet will be warm in all kinds of weather with no need to swap for a different boot during winter.

In addition to their warmth, you’ll also have flexibility and breathability so even in warmer conditions there’s no need to feel uncomfortable.

The embossed liner wicks away moisture and dries quickly, so you can expect them to perform in wet or dry conditions without a bother.

The only problem with the LaCrosse Men’s Aplhaburly Pro boot is that when you’re ready to hang them up for the day it can take a bit of work getting them off.

However, this is also a testament to how supportive their grip is which means they’re perfect for muddy conditions and difficult terrains.

LaCrosse Men’s Alphaburly Pro 18” 1600G Hunting Boot


Our Rating

All of LaCrosse’s boots have been designed with comfort as one of their top features, especially the Aplhaburly Pro. These boots have an adjustable rear gusset which means you can fit them to your leg so they fit a wider range of men than before.

On the outside, a premium rubber covers the neoprene with three layers over the heel and toe, so you’ll barely feel a thing that your feet come into contact with.

Runner Up: LaCrosse Men’s Aerohead

Another quality boot from LaCrosse that comes in second place is the Aerohead. These quality boots are better equipped for wet conditions and would suit the hunting man who enjoys nothing more than treading through the water to catch their prey.

The shaft of the Aerohead boots measures about 17” from the calf which gives your entire leg waterproof support and it also has adjustable gussets at the back so you can fit it to your size. The outsole was designed with traction in mind so you won’t have any issues traveling over tough terrain like rocks and mud, thanks to your LaCrosse boots.

LaCrosse Men’s AeroHead Hunting Boot


Our Rating

Keeping in style with most LaCrosse boots, you might have a hard time getting these off at the end of the day.

While this might be a selling point for some when you’re ready to relax you want a simple boot that slides off with ease and you won’t be able to get this with the LaCrosse Men’s Aerohead Boot.

The Aerohead boots come in two different styles with a mix of leather and camo on both, and you’ll probably have a hard time choosing your favorite.

There’s one thing for sure, though, and that’s the comfort level of these boots compared to others priced the same is out of this world, so they’d make the perfect choice for any hunter who spends hours on his feet.

In terms of LaCrosse boots, there are certainly one of their best inventions.

Although mainly designed to meet wet conditions, there is nothing stopping you from taking them on cold land and enjoying just as much comfort, durability, and stability. The AeroForm technology used in these boots mean they move flexibly with your feet so they mold right into your body and make you an even better hunter.

Best Women’s Hunting Boots

The range of women’s hunting boots is somewhat smaller than men’s, but that doesn’t mean they have anything less to offer. Most of the top boot brands will make some women’s styles too so you don’t have to sacrifice on quality, durability, or style when shopping around for the best women’s hunting boots.

Winner: Lacrosse Alphaburly Pro

The Lacrosse Aplhaburly Pro women’s hunting boot is just as quality as the men’s, which is why it’s the top choice for a female boot. These are a premium rubber hunting boot which can tackle any terrain and weather you put it through, so you can get on with your hunt knowing that you’re protected and equipped with the best.

The neoprene inner makes sure your foot is flexible and breathable in all weather, so there’s no discomfort at all.

The quality rubber is also scent free, making you even harder to detect and improving your agility and stealth as a hunter, which is pleasant to find in a boot that looks this good.

There are additional layers around the heel and toes so you can tread through rocks and gravel without feeling a thing, adding even further to the comfort that these boots offer.

For any woman who hunts in moist or cold climates, you’ll be impressed at the design of these boots.

They feature an embossed liner that specifically works at wicking away moisture and can dry quickly when wet, which should be rare since they’re 100% waterproof too.

LaCrosse Women's Alphaburly Pro 15 Realtree APG Hunting Boot


Our Rating

If you hate nothing more than a wet sock while you’re hunting, you can guarantee this won’t be a problem with the Alphaburly Pro. These specific boots aren’t insulated so your toes may get cold during the winter if you aren’t moving around much, so if this is an issue for you then LaCrosse also makes an insulated version of the same boot.

However, for a hunter that enjoys the warmer seasons or lives somewhere where freezing temps aren’t an issue, they’ll be perfectly suited to these conditions and will give you a comfortable fit like no other.

Runner Up: Muck Boot Woody Max

As one of the most beloved boot brands in America, it’s no surprise that the Woody Max by Muck Boot is a runner up for best women’s hunting boot. These colorful boots are for the hunter who wants to look their best while hunting and doesn’t want to sacrifice on durability and strength from their boot.

The Woody Max is made from a 100% waterproof rubber upper and it couldn’t be easier to slip on as you’re heading out the door, making it great for all occasions and not just hunting.

MuckBoots Women's Woody Max Outdoor Boot


Our Rating

There is a thick comfortable padding inside the boot which will make it feel as though you’re walking on a cloud all day and ideal for those women who like to hunt the whole day through or venture out on longer trips.

There’s no risk of getting uncomfortable or irritated with your Muck Boots on, so they’re a wise investment to make.

The sizing can be tough to determine with the Muck Boot, with quite a few reviews saying they needed to either go a size up or wear a thicker sock just to be comfortable.

However, Muck Boot offers a return on their shoes so as long as they’re in perfect condition when you send them back you can swap your size.

These might not seem as stable as other firmer gripping women’s hunting boots upon first glance, which can be a problem in the mud.

However, don’t let the easy slip-on style fool you as they’ll get a good grip of your feet when you need them to and keep you stable and secure all day. If you’re looking for a woman’s boot that’s just as durable as a man’s, you won’t be disappointed with the Muck Boot Woody Max style.

The Hunter’s Best Friend

As a hunter, there are some things you know you just can’t skimp on, and the most important by far is a quality boot. With the right pair of boots on your feet, you’ll be warm, dry, protected, and agile, and all the while improving on your natural skills as a hunter.

Remember that choosing a hunting boot isn’t usually an answer to everything, as many serious hunters will have different shoes for each season. Try not to rely on one boot to do it all, as you’ll find they just aren’t made to suit every condition perfectly, so you just shouldn’t expect that they will.

Woman in hunt.

Man or woman, there are plenty of respected brands available today which make hunting boots for all occasions, and with a clear idea of what you want out of your boot, you’ll be in a better position to choose accordingly. When you’re wearing the best hunting boots for you, it can transform your favorite hobby into something even better than you ever imagined.

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