Under Armor Speed Freek Boots Review

Under Armor Speed Freek Boots Review

When you’re on the search for new boots to keep you comfortable and protected on your next outing, it’s hard to find a pair that has been specifically designed for hunting. While many other outdoor shoes might be comfortable and supportive, they lack the features really needed to help you hunt to your best ability.

What the modern hunter needs is a boot that understands what they do, and can help you be more effective when you’re out on the field.

Whether it’s scent control, an ultra quiet step, or a waterproof and breathable lining to keep you comfortable in all conditions, a good hunting boot should be able to do it all.

Choosing the right boot to hunt in is just as important as your other accessories, but often an area that we leave until last to consider.

With the right boot, you’ll be protected, comfortable, kept free from moisture and water, and be able to go undetected in the wilderness while you’re out on the hunt.

UA Speed Freek Bozeman

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The Under Armor Speed Freek Boots can offer all of these things and more, making them a perfect shoe for anyone who likes to get down and dirty in the outdoors. Created by the brand who knows how to make the perfect shoe for every outdoor occasion, the Under Armor Speed Freek Boots can help you become an even better hunter than before.

About The Product

As one of the most iconic American manufacturers of sports apparel, shoes, and accessories, Under Armor has a huge range of hunting boots available. Their shoes have been made specifically to meet the harsh conditions of the American landscape, and the Speed Freek boots are some of their most popular.

Features Of The Under Armor Speed Freek Boots

These boots come in a range of styles and colors to suit every type of hunter, and they’re packed with the right features to make you an even better hunter. Every pair of Speed Freek boots from Under Armor comes with:

  • Exclusive Under Armor scent control
  • Breathable and waterproof lining to protect your feet
  • ​Upper featuring suede leather and abrasion resistant nylon;
  • Ortholite sock liner with memory foam for comfort;


If you’ve been stuck with a pair of heavy and bulky hunting boots that aren’t helping your stealth levels at all, you’ll be amazed at how lightweight the Speed Freeks are. These boots are durable enough to resist abrasion in the outdoors but with a soft and lightweight upper that keeps the water out too.

UA Speed Freek Bozeman

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Under Armor takes pride in adding the extras to all of their products, and their range of hunting shoes are no exception. With their patented Under Armor scent control technology you’re able to keep yourself undetected for longer, making you a more effective hunter.

Pros And Cons Of The Speed Freek Boots

The best thing about the Speed Freek boots by Under Armor is how well they handle the heat, so if you live in warmer climates then these will be right up your alley. Their breathable lining means you’ll feel comfortable in all conditions, and it’ll also keep your feet from getting wet if you’re trekking through water on your hunt.

Another great feature is the lightweight feel of the boots which makes them ideal for hunters who don’t like the bulky and heavy duty type of shoe. While this does make them more comfortable, some hunters might prefer the reliability of a thicker boot so it really depends on what makes your journey easier.

UA Speed Freek Bozeman

Source: underarmour.com

Some of the online reviews have commented about the poor quality lace design on the Speed Freek boots, with this being the only real design flaw. The eyelets on the boot are also quite small, so there isn’t even the possibility to change them for a bigger and more durable lace, so you’re really stuck with the ones they’ve designed it for.

Our Buying Advice

When you’re ready to ditch your old hunting boots and upgrade to something more lightweight and reliable, you can get the Under Armor Speed Freeks for a great price through Amazon. Shop online with Amazon and you can expect to pay between $100 - $150 for a pair of these quality boots, depending on your size and the style you choose.

Under Armor stands behind all of their products, and if you find that your boots just don’t cut it or the sizing is wrong, they offer a full refund or exchange upon return within 60 days. According to the Amazon reviews, these boots are exceptionally true to size with most of customers saying they were a perfect fit.

Although these come with the patented Ortholite sock liner, it’s a good idea to invest in a quality hole proof sock with enough pairs for backup in case disaster strikes. You can purchase a number of quality hiking socks through Amazon as well, and possibly even find a way to combine shipping so you can take advantage of the free postage offered on these boots.

Final Verdict

If you’re a hunter who feels they can be their stealthiest when they’re wearing a lightweight boot, the Speed Freek by Under Armor might be just what you’re looking for.

These are incredibly light to wear and easy to walk in all day, for the hunter who wants nothing but the best in absolute comfort.

Time and time again, Under Armor proves that they know exactly how to make the right shoe for every situation, and that’s exactly what they’ve done with their Speed Freek range.

To get yourself a pair of some of the most comfortable and durable hunting boots around, click here to purchase them today.

Under Armour Men's UA Speed Freek Bozeman Hunting Boots

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